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When you send your material for consultation, if you want your lyrics/CD returned to you, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your consulting package. Otherwise, we immediately shred all lyrics, delete all mp3’s and discard every CD.

Using PayPal, once you've paid for your consultation with Molly, you can send your mp3 formatted song files and lyrics to us by email (songmd@songmd.com).

Or, you can send your CD/lyrics/cassette, with a money order in US funds, payable to:

Molly-Ann Leikin
Songwriting Consultants, Ltd.
P.O. Box 5774
Santa Barbara, CA 93150

Any material arriving in this office without our consulting fee enclosed, must, regrettably, be discarded immediately. Thank you for respecting the professional parameters of this consultancy.

Consulting Fees:

All songs must be written or co-written by the same person.

Please email all of your songs, in mp3 format with lyrics, and your questions, on the same day, for the same consultation. Submit lyric sheets, not lead sheets. Very few people in the music business can actually read music. But they can hear!

In order for the package price to apply, we need you to pay for your consultation and email all your songs/lyrics/questions on the same day. Otherwise, we will have to charge you an additional $150.00 per song. Thank you.

Each version of each song is a separate song. When submitting revisions of songs previously sent for consultation, please pay for the new consultation, using the fee schedule below:

Once a consultation has been paid for, there are no refunds. Thank you for respecting the professional parameters of this consultancy.

Assuming what you send me for consultation is a good fit for current projects in the marketplace, I will hook you up with those projects. If you've got the tracks, I’ve got the contacts.

When you have your consultation scheduled with Molly, she will allow a fifteen minutes grace period. If you still don't show for your consultation, you will forfeit it. To reschedule, Molly charges a $75.00 No Show fee.

Thank you for respecting the professional parameters of this consultancy.

Please note: Molly is in California. When calculating the time difference between where you are and where she is, type "time now in California" into any search engine, and you will get it just right.

That said, bring it!

One-to-three Songs
Four Songs
Five Songs
Six Songs
Seven Songs
Eight Songs
Nine Songs
Ten Songs
Ten Plus Songs
For each song after song ten sent at the same time by the same writer for the same consultation, add $30.
(eg: 12 songs = $555)

Books and CD's

Molly-Ann Leikin's Master Class in Songwriting
(mp3 edition, 6.5 hours, approx.) $75

Molly-Ann Leikin’s Master Class is Songwriting, mp3-CD edition, is available right here. It is a compilation of the Master Classes in Songwriting that I taught at UCLA, and is almost 6.5 hours long!

It is a complete home-study hit songwriting class. Buy your copy now!

6.5 hour (approx.) mp3 Edition + tax and shipping USA $91.50
6.5 hour (approx.) mp3 Edition + tax and shipping International $98.99

I am temporarily sold out of both of my books. However, you can buy them directly from my publisher, Hal Leonard Books, right here: www.halleonard.com

Sheet Music for An American Hymn $12.00


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