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Poems by Songwriter Molly-Ann Leikin

The Yoga Mat
By Molly-Ann Leikin

My precious Jacaranda tree
Drops purple blossoms every spring
On my small quiet garden lawn
My place for peace and pampering

I chase the gardener – Pedro – no! 
Don’t rake those flowers from that tree
Just let them lie there beautiful
To make a yoga mat for me

I do my ohms and downward dogs
My prayers and meditations too 
And through the windy feathered leaves
I watch my sky that’s glory blue

And since I feel such magic here
It has to, has to, come around
That one day while I’m dreaming
All my miracles will flutter down.

© 2006 Molly-Ann Leikin


Candle to Candle
Molly-Ann Leikin/Lee Holdridge

In the black panic
Of staggering loneliness
I lit one small white candle
Before trying to pretend I could sleep.

Strange how I woke up
Just before my candle burned out

In the soft night
I felt we were connected
And that little flame was giving me a gentle signal
That it had passed its light to me
The white light that surrounded me all night
Then whispered me awake, saying

“You are radiant now
Your grace batteries are full
And your heart can take over from here.”

© 2004 Molly-Ann Leikin/Lee Holdridge

Molly-Ann Leikin/Lee Holdridge

I used to believe when I boarded the bus
Everyone riding with me
Would stay on for the whole, long journey

But right in the middle of a straight, flat road
Through a perfect, yellow meadow
That bell always rings
And the greyhound pulls over
To let someone I love get out

Sometimes we don’t even say goodbye

Then the hard blue seat next to me is empty
And I think no one will ever sit there again.

At the last stop, I fell into a frantic sleep
With my face against that icy window.
Then I was bumped awake
To chocolate children in red berets
And nuns with shining blue eyes singing hymns
And a banker with a broken shoulder
Who offered to share his last apple with me.

We traded stories
And telephone numbers
And all the most beautiful sights to see
Then he took his luggage
And shook my hand
And went on with his own journey
On a differed bus
While I missed him
And ached for more apples.

It is on each of us to stay on the bus
And keep moving ahead and ahead
Through the muddy, deep ruts
Around the hot potholes
And over the smooth, new blacktop
When the headlights die and the night won’t stop
And the engine groans on the hard, steep grade.

Then a tire blows
But it gets repaired
Between the towns of Stuck and Scared
It gets repaired.

I envy people who travel in twos
With Hartman luggage and Ferragamo shoes
And a home to come home to when the cab pulls away
And the pictures are ready and they can say
We saw Yosemite
We went to Yellowstone
We walked through the Cotswold’s
Well, I was there too
I just wish I could be in the pictures with you.

I just wish I could be in the pictures with you.

Now the driver is whistling
My bus is leaving
I’m trying to smile as it pulls me away
And I shout through the window
“Be safe,
Be happy
I’ll remember you.

Please - remember me?“

© 2004 Molly-Ann Leikin/Lee Holdridge

Molly-Ann Leikin/Lee Holdridge

The sticker is still on my stove
The sweet smell of new carpet, the hum of the fridge
These new rooms full of promises welcome me home
And I feel a prayer in my trembling heart
Asking God to please keep me safe and dreaming here
With apples in my pantry
Roses on my table
And friends by the fireplace
So love and music can be my family
And stay here with me forever.

© 2004 Molly-Ann Leikin/Lee Holdridge

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