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Molly-Ann Leikin's Master Class in Songwriting

Molly-Ann Leikin's Master Class in Songwriting
(mp3 edition, 6.5 hours, approx.) $75
See Special Offer Below!

It’s just like you’re sitting in the front row of Molly’s classroom at Schoenberg Hall at UCLA, listening to her witty, professional, personal sessions on how the words and music of hit songs are written, produced and marketed.

You can hear this CD while you drive, fly, hike, work out, practice yoga or wait for the Gas Company.

A clever, passionate communicator, Molly-Ann Leikin leads you step by step - all the way through the hit songwriting process, from scribbling down your idea, to choosing the title, creating the first and subsequent drafts of your chorus melody, verse melody, bridge melody, working on the track, tweaking, tweaking, mapping out the words, the story, tweaking drafts of your lyrics, and staying on top of every part of your music/lyric, track/CD, MP3 until you have an original, irresistible, finished, hit pop song, rock song, dance song, R & B song, alternative song, gospel song, country song, and contemporary Christian song that is just right for the contemporary marketplace.

Molly-Ann Leikin’s Master Class in Songwriting, 6.5 hour MP3 CD edition, includes:

  • How to write a hit song and live to hear it on the air

  • Success strategies for hit songwriters

  • Building momentum – you start in your living room, grow and grow and grow as an artist/writer and look out - you’re songs are being sung/you’re performing at the Universal Amphitheatre!

  • Secrets of successful co-writing of pop songs, country songs, alternative songs, rock songs, R & B songs, dance songs, contemporary Christian songs, gospel songs.

  • Taking your pain to the bank- write everything down. Turn your grief into a Grammy.

  • Rejecting rejection! NOBODY tells you no. NOBODY!!

  • How to write love songs that say something new. Learn Molly’s special tricks.

  • The easy way to write hit melodies for pop songs, dance songs, alternative songs, country songs, gospel songs, contemporary Christian songs, R & B songs, rock songs

  • Making good money in the meantime.

  • Getting ready to write – it’s not procrastinating – it’s getting ready to write

  • Making market-ready and market-competitive, low-cost recordings of your pop songs, dance songs, alternative songs, R & B songs, country songs, rock songs, gospel songs, contemporary Christian songs

  • Networking with the big boys – in the REAL music business

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CD Series + tax and shipping USA $81.50
CD Series + tax and shipping International $88.50


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