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“Democratic National Campaign”
“Dr. Drew” (Episode)
“Life With Bonnie” (Episode)
“Happy Endings” theme (Emmy Nomination)
“Violet” song score (Oscar)
“Eight is Enough” (theme)
“Brady Bunch”
“Hanna Barbera Stage Show”
“Fly Away Home”
“American Dream” (theme)
“Big City Cowboys” (theme)
“The Other Side of the Mountain” part two
“French Postcards”
“Moment By Moment”
“Little Boats With Paper Sails”


  Cher “Silver Wings & Golden Rings”

  Anne Murray “Where Do You Go When You Dream”
“You Set My Dreams To Music”
“They Don’t Call It Magic For Nothin’”
“That’ll Keep Me Dreamin’"

  John Travolta “You Set My Dreams to Music”

  Daniel Rodriguez “An American Hymn”

  Tina Turner “You’ve Got What I’m Gonna Get”

  Placido Domingo “An American Hymn”

  Agot Isidro "I Wish I Was Making Love With You Tonight"

  Bernard Lachance “While I Remember You”

  The Ten Tenors “World Anthem”

  Billy Preston “I’m Never Gonna Say Goodbye”

  Susie Allanson “Two Steps Forward & Three Steps Back”
“Dance The Two Step”

  Barbara Fairchild “Let Me Love You Once Before You Go”

  Billie Jo Spears “Silver Wings & Golden Rings”
“Look Whose Man You Are”

  Greg Lake “Let Me Love You Once Before You Go”

  Yvonne Elliman “Moment By Moment”

  Johnny Mathis “The Very First Christmas Day”

  Frankie Valli “If It Really Wasn’t Love”

  Jane Olivor “Beautiful Sadness”
“Where There is Love”
“The Right Garden”

  Lynn Anderson “The Best Kept Secret in Santa Fe”

  Dotty West “Save A Little For The Morning”

  Hank Williams, Jr. “Let Me Love You Once Before You Go”

  Dusty Springfield “Let Me Love You Once Before You Go”

  Nana Mouskouri “Danny Come Home”

  Brenda Patterson

“You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too”

  Susan Anton “Listen To My Smile”

  Karen Carpenter “Remember When Lovin’ Took All Night”

  Robin Browning “In My Dreams I Was Never in Omaha”

  Azucar Moreno “Tangled Up In Tears” (Double Platinum)

  Albert Hammond “Tangled up in Tears” (album)

  Jerry Corbetta “If It Really Wasn’t Love”
“Wish That I Was Making Love To You Tonight”
“Celebrate Our Love”

  Vicki Lawrence “Who Do I Call When I Need You?”
“I’m Glad I’m Not Her”

  Cylla Black “He Was A Writer”

  Jody Miller “Lucky Chicago”

  Brady Bunch “Love’s In The Roses”
“You’ve Got To Be In Love To Love A Love Song”
“Still Singin’ Alone”

  Fifth Dimension “We’re Goin’ Places Together”

  Marlena Shaw “You Taught Me How To Speak In Love”

  Claudine Longet “In My Dreams I Was Never In Omaha”
“Listen To My Smile”

  Smile “I Hit The Jackpot”

  Sunshine “Step Into The Sunshine”
“The Very First Christmas Day”
“What Color is God?”
“Before The Second Rain”
“Carpenter Man”
“Do Something Nice”
“Great Big Beautiful Day”
“There’s A Whole Happy Thing Goin’ On”
“Thank You For Doing It So Well”
“Have You Ever?”

  The Brooks “Step Into The Sunshine”
“What Color is God?”


CHUTZPAH – syndicated online
Los Angeles Songwriters Musepaper (3 years)
Santa Barbara News-Press
Central Coast Beacon


French Dressing – Edward S. Feldman Productions
Abby & Socks – Bill Bartman Productions
Doolittle & Stick – Twentieth Century Fox
Foodies – Sasha Snyder Productions


Ivy-MacKenzie “International Solutions”
Buick Opal “Oh Boy You’ve Really Changed”
Cliff Ford The First National Bank (of Everywhere)


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