How To Set Up A Song Marketing/Evaluation Consultation with Molly-Ann Leikin?
by Molly-Ann Leikin

Six of Molly's clients are Grammy winners, eleven more are Grammy nominees, and so far, with Molly's help, almost 7000 other writers/artists just like you have placed their work in TV shows, movies, on CD's, in commercials, and their tracks are downloaded all over the web.

Here is how to set up a song marketing/evaluation consultation with Molly-Ann Leikin:

l. for words and music, or music only:

2. for lyrics only:

3. Here is how you can pay for your consultation with Molly, using PayPal:

4. Here’s how we make money as songwriters:

5. Here are Molly’s books:

6. Here are some of Molly’s songs:

7. For copyright info:

Welcome to our musical family!

Your Song Marketing/Evaluation Consultation starts right here:

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